Family Dentistry in Half Moon Bay, CA

Adult Dentistry

Adult Dentistry The core philosophy of our general dental practice is to attain optimal dental health for our patients through preventative care and education. In adult dentistry we prefer to be “dental health care” providers rather than “dental disease” therapists. We focus on thorough examinations including radiographs, when indicated, and assess the overall health of the teeth, gums and oral environment. Routine cleanings along with a wide variety of patient home care techniques and pharmaceutical aids are fundamental in achieving oral health. Each patient is evaluated and treated as a unique individual. Not only are we focused on your dental health and esthetics, we also are concerned about your overall health. A healthy mouth is a crucial component of general health and well being.
While most dental procedures can be performed in our office, occasionally a condition arises that requires the expertise of a board certified specialist. Both Dr.’s work closely with highly trained specialists and can quickly and easily refer patients to obtain the expert treatment they deserve. This “team approach” to patient treatment results in the highest quality of care possible.



Adult DentistryDr. Johannes and Dr. Stephanie believe that communication and trust are fundamental factors in a patient’s positive dental experience. The office is committed to ensuring that all people receive excellent, personalized care in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. We look forward to meeting you and thank you for the opportunity to work with you in attaining your oral health goals.



We offer the following services:

Oral Exams
Oral Cancer Checks
Sleep Apnea Devices
Night guards
TMJ splints

Root Canals

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Implant Placement