Q: What protective measures are you taking?

At all times, we adhere to the highest level of safety protocols in our practice to prevent the spread of all infections, including COVID-19. Some examples include:

• Check-in and screening patients (questionnaire, temperature check, hand sanitizer).

• Eliminating all unnecessary objects from our waiting area & clinic, like toys and books.

• Lower volume of patients to allow for proper social distancing.

• Reducing overall people in office by limiting family members who do not have an appointment.

• All staff will be screened before coming into the office & will be wearing masks.

• All clinical staff will be wearing disposable gowns, scrub caps, KN95 masks, goggles, and face shields

• Single-use dental materials & hospital-grade disinfectants as we have always done

Q: Is there anything special I need to bring to our appointment?

• A mask or face covering (mask or handkerchief) for yourself and children over 3

• Warm clothes- our office will be kept at a temperature that allows our staff to wear additional PPE

Q: Can I come back with my child?

Yes. However, to help maintain social distancing and reduce exposure to all, we are only allowing 1 parent or guardian per family who must provide and wear their own mask or face covering.  We also recommend all children over 3 bring a mask or face covering as well for before and after their treatment. Our waiting room will continue to be closed.  We encourage older children to come back alone while parents go wait in their car, as we are trying to minimize the number of people that go through our office each day.  We will call or text you when the visit is complete you can schedule next visits and pay by phone if you prefer

Q: Can I bring other children?

No. We are asking at this time you do not bring any one else that does not have an appointment.  It’s hard to keep little ones from touching things, and we are unable to practice social distancing with additional people in the office.  If there is absolutely no way you can do this, then we encourage you to stay in the car with your other children.

Q: Is there anything I should do to prepare my child for their visit? 

Yes, please explain to younger children that our team will be dressed as ‘SUPER HEROs’ with mask, shields and capes on.  Also, prepare them that the video games are closed, and we will not have our toys available.  We are also still giving away goodie bags with dental supplies, stickers, and a small prize.  As always we have individual TV’s on the ceiling as a distraction.

Q:  Are these precautions really necessary?

We are following the current recommendations by the ADA, CDC, And AAPD and we’d prefer to go above and beyond and err on the side of caution.

Q: I’m not sure I want to schedule my child’s first visit while you are going to look so scary in your masks?

We call them our SUPER HERO outfits!!  As always we have individual TV’s on the ceiling as distractions.  We admit that these changes are hardest on our younger patients (no play house, staff covered up, ect), but truthfully, we’d hate to have your child’s dental needs unchecked, as we don’t know if the COVID scare will last for weeks, months, or if this will be the new normal.  Please call if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Q: My child has an underlying health condition, is it safe for them to come in?

Use your best judgment or consult with your pediatrician if your child is high risk.  We are screening all patients and we will not allow any parent or child to be treated if the answer ‘YES’ to any of our COVID screening questions.  We are encouraging medically compromised children to be scheduled for the first appointment of the day before there is more traffic coming in and out of the office.

Q: Are there any cancellation fees if we are feeling ill and cannot make it to this appointment?

No, we are waiving our missed appointment policy for the next few months until we better understand the COVID process.  We’d much rather you stay home if there is any question about your health!  We request you please call and let us know ASAP