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Pediatric Dentistry

We strive to provide an environment to help your child be comfortable with coming to the dentist. Good oral health and habits develop at a young age.
Parents leave our office with a thorough appreciation of the condition of their child’s oral health, how any problems can be prevented, controlled and as required, treated.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to accompany their child into the treatment rooms for dental visits. Our office philosophy is that we not only fill cavities; we fulfill our mission to educate parents and children by providing the appropriate information and tools with which dental decay can be prevented for life. After a child is approximately five years of age, we encourage the children to come to the dental treatment area alone. We will always speak with the parent(s) at all visits.

    We are comfortable and have years of experience discussing concerns parents may have about recommended treatments. These include the use of X-ray films, fluorides, and filling materials.

    • X-rays: X-rays can be an extremely useful preventive treatment, but they are not necessary at all recall examinations. Our office X-ray machines (both regular and Panographic) are digital. Digital X-ray give substantially less X-radiation and are immediately developed. The enlarged X-rays can be easily seen on all computer screens throughout the office, and the enlarged image can be easily explained to the parent(s) and patients.
    • Fluorides and other compounds (Xylitol, Peridex, Calcium paste, etc): Depending upon the examination, there are many different circumstances and many different preventive measures that can be done. These treatment options will be discussed.
    • Filling materials: We do not use the amalgam (silver and mercury) fillings. The new composites are more challenging to place, but if done properly, they are just as good and in some cases are a better material.
    • Sealants: A dental sealant is a filling material that is applied to a chewing surface of a back tooth. The sealant acts as a barrier, protecting enamel by “sealing out” plaque (bacteria) and food. About 80% of initial cavities start in the pits and grooves of teeth. If done properly, sealants are an extremely great preventive treatment. However, not all people need dental sealants. We highly recommend sealants for most patients.

    Your Child’s First Dental Visit

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